Our Philosophy

We do not subscribe to ‘products’ or branded methodologies. Instead, we address your requirements, through individually designed methodologies within the context of your business and organisation.

- We listen

- We offer actual solutions

- We are flexible

- We pay attention to the detail

- We embrace new tech and methods when they offer distinct possibilities

- We take pride in our work


Well-Resourced, Relevant Expertise

By drawing on the most appropriate expertise relative to a project’s requirements, Propel delivers uncompromising levels of innovation, quality and service. From a client’s perspective, this is evidenced by a seamless implementation of tried and trusted, as well as new advanced methodologies, whether for a small single-market project or large multi-market, multi-method projects.


Quality First

Whilst financial growth is naturally a consideration, it is secondary to our overarching aim of achieving the highest quality results at every stage of our work

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Excellent Value

Our collaborative approach circumvents the significant overhead costs associated with traditional company structures. Instead, our competitive pricing covers a more senior, experienced team working at all stages of our work.



All of our MR specialists are highly experienced and have previously held very senior positions in agencies. By choosing to be independent, many are able to focus on their areas of interest/specialism and as a result show a definite pride in their work contributing to the overall quality of what Propel offers.

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Each project is delivered through a strong and cohesive network of entrepreneurial MR professionals. Project teams are selected on a project-by-project basis, ensuring a perfect match between skills and project requirements.


Global Coverage

Our network (and experience) extends to all of Europe, North America, China and Middle East.

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We would love to hear from you!
Contact us for a discussion around your current business challenge(s), or get in touch if you have a more specific request.

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